Kim Parmer


Kim Parmer has been a resident of Waller since 1997 and has served as a Board Trustee since May, 2009. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Illinois State University in Social Work and has been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for the State of Texas since 1988. 

Kim has been married to her husband, Ted, for 23 years and is the mother of two current Waller ISD students and one Waller High School graduate. 

Parmer was a Board Member for the Waller Area Chamber of Commerce for 11 years from 1999 to 2010 and is a 21-year Girl Scout veteran. Kim has served on many boards that serve "at-risk" children and addictive homes. She is presently working at Shield-Bearer Counseling Center, a non-profit counseling center who provides counseling for hurting families, and she oversees the Pre-Trial Diversion Program working with the Waller County District Attorney. The Pre-Trial Diversion Program is made available to all Waller county residents and includes affordable counseling and a 5 week awareness program for those wishing to make positive changes in their life.