TASB Statement of Beliefs

  • We believe public education is essential to our society and that the survival and success of public schools are nonnegotiable. 
  • We believe every child must be assured a safe and secure environment, must have access to a high-quality public education, and that increased student academic achievement must be a top priority in Texas. 
  • We believe local government is crucial to sustaining personal freedom, political independence, and cultural values. 
  • We believe in and recognize the vital role the school board plays in the local governance process.
  • We believe we should provide, through our conduct, an example of citizenship at its best. 
  • We believe that the law must be obeyed and that any deficiencies in the law should be changed through advocacy and the democratic process. 
  • We believe TASB must constantly reassess and revise its services so that they are relevant and meaningful to its members. 
  • We believe TASB exists to support local school boards in the performance of their roles and responsibilities in educating Texas schoolchildren.