Delegate Assembly

Many Voices, One Vision

As our schools continue to be challenged each legislative session, it is increasingly important for local school board members to stand up for Texas public schools. And the TASB Delegate Assembly is an opportunity for you to stand up, to be a part of forging the shared vision. Read more about Delegate Assembly.

Tools and Forms

Check out highlights from the 2016 Delegate Assembly:

The Role of a Delegate

Delegates play an important role in TASB’s governance. As a delegate, you develop the vision for the Association. To learn more about serving as delegate, check out the Delegate Assembly Orientation Video.

TASB's Advocacy Action Plan

The TASB Advocacy Agenda is plan of action TASB will pursue during the legislative biennium. The Agenda is created by you—local school board members. Find out how your board can have a voice in the process.

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