Key Program Contacts

Find information specific to a program or service by calling the phone numbers below.

All TASB Departments and Services: 800.580.8272

Area Associations: 800.580.8272
Shiloh Venable, x2463

Board Consultation: 800.580.8272
Phil Gore, x2450

Board Officer Resources: 800.580.8272
David Koempel, x2459

Board Training: 800.580.8272
Phil Gore, x2450

BoardBook®: 888.587.2665
Tim Curtis, x3607

Business Recognition Program: 800.580.8272
Theresa Gage, x3564

Business/Education Forum: 800.580.8272
Karen Strong, x3547

BuyBoard®: 800.695.2919
Steve Fisher, x7153

Candidate Information: 800.580.8272
David Koempel, x2459

CEC Mobile: 800.580.8272
Marla Gilliland, x2453 • Jackie Hightower, x2454

Communications and Public Relations: 800.580.8272

Continuing Education Credit Reporting Services (CECRS): 800.580.8272
Marla Gilliland, x2453 • Jackie Hightower, x2454

Convention: 800.580.8272
Jackie Spencer, x3549

Corner School (on-site child care): 800.580.8272
Jessica Fielder, x3694

Delegate Assembly: 800.580.8272
Susan Tabbee, x3573


Energy Services: 800.580.8272
Jason Turner, x2471

Engage Community Engagement Service: 800.580.8272
Marie Jones, x3555

Executive Search Services: 800.580.8272
Butch Felkner, x3561

Facility Services: 800.580.8272
Jeff Clemmons, x2850

Field Services Representatives: 800.580.8272
Mike Rains, x3584

First Public®: 800.558.8875

  • Marketing and Sales: Steve Orta, x3602
  • Operations: Trent Toon, x3695

Goal-Setting and Planning Services: 800.580.8272
Phil Gore, x2450 • David Koempel, x2459

Governmental Relations: 800.580.4885

Grassroots Process: 800.580.4885
Dax Gonzalez, x1087

HR Services: 800.580.7782

  • HR Services: Amy Campbell, x2401
  • Compensation Services: Amy Campbell, x2401
  • DataCentral: Troy Bryant, x2417
  • Membership/Online Access: Kathie Randolph, x2410
  • Training Services: April Mabry, x2403


  • TASB: 800.580.8272, Laurie Terry, x3621 • Paula Karney, x3533
  • TASB Legal Assistance Fund: 800.580.8272, Annette Moseley, x2909 • Paula Karney, x3533
  • TASB Risk Management Fund: 800.482.7276, Georgina Tims, x2867

Leadership TASB: 800.580.8272
Bill Rutherford, x2460

Leadership Team Services: 800.580.8272

Legal Services: 800.580.5345

  • Legal Questions: x6320
  • TASB Legal Assistance Fund and Training: Joy Baskin, x3681
  • Texas Council of School Attorneys: Annette Moseley, x2909

Lone Star Investment Pool: 800.558.8875

  • Marketing and Sales: Steve Orta, x3602
  • Operations: Trent Toon, x3695

Membership Information: 800.580.8272
Anisa Pope, x2907 • Michael Pennant, x1074

myTASB: 800.580.8272
Anisa Pope, x2907 • Michael Pennant, x1074

New Board Members' Handbook: 800.580.8272
Lisa Carothers, x2455

Online Learning Center: 800.580.8272
Lisa Carothers, x2455

Parliamentary Procedures: 800.580.8272
David Koempel, x2459

Planning and Research: 800.580.8272
Marie Jones, x3555

Policy Service: 800.580.7529

  • General Inquiries: Gail Jackson, x3640
  • Policy On Line®: Loretta Jeschke, x2432

Printing Services: 800.580.8272
Cathy Catlett, x3661 • Eddie Fitzgerald, x7119

Public Information: 800.580.8272
Barbara Williams, x2933

Publications Sales: 800.580.8272
Christina Velasquez, x1068

Purchasing Cooperative: 800.695.2919
Steve Fisher, x7153

Risk Management Services: 800.482.7276

  • Risk Management Services: Dubravka Romano, x3510 • 512.467.3510
  • Auto, Liability, and Property Claims Administration: Troy Winslow, x2476 • 512.505.2476
  • Financial Operations: Brent Balke, x3525 • 512.467.3525
  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs: Paul Taylor, x3663 • 512.467.3663
  • Risk Management Member Solutions: Clem Zabalza, x2833 • 512.505.2833
  • Strategic Initiatives and Operations Support: Mary Barrett, x2828 • 512.505.2828
  • Systems Support: Rick Honeycutt, x3627 • 512.467.3627
  • Underwriting and Marketing: June Kissinger, x3545 • 512.467.3545
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration: Hiawatha Franks, x3615 • 512.467.3615

School Board Advocacy Network: 800.580.4885
Dax Gonzalez, x1087

School Finance: 800.580.4885
Dominic Giarratani, x1088

Special Education Solutions: 888.630.6606
Mark Wey, x3692

Spring Workshops: 800.580.8272
Shiloh Venable, x2463

Stand Up for Texas Public Schools: 800.580.8272
Theresa Gage, x3564

Summer Leadership Institute: 800.580.8272
Kathy Dundee, x2462

Superintendent Evaluation: 800.580.8272
Phil Gore, x2450

Superintendent Search Services: 800.580.8272
Butch Felkner, x3561

TASB Benefits Cooperative: 800.558.8875

  • Marketing and Sales: Steve Orta, x3602
  • Operations: Trent Toon, x3695

TASB Board and Management Services: 800.580.8272
Sheri Hicks, x2800

TASB Energy Cooperative: 800.580.8272

  • Electricity: Jason Turner, x2471
  • Fuel: Jason Turner, x2471

TASB Institute for School Trustee Development (TASB ISD): 800.580.8272
Kay Douglas, x2456

TASB Store: 800.580.8272
Christina Velasquez, x1068

Team Building: 800.580.8272
Orin Moore, x2458

Texas Lone Star Magazine: 800.580.8272
Roger White, x2419

The Star E-Newsletter: 800.580.8272
Denise Schulz, x2948

University Partnership Initiative: 800.580.8272
Phil Gore, x2450


Winter Governance and Legal Seminar: 800.580.8272
Kathy Dundee, x2462

Affinity Providers

  • Forecast5 Analytics, data analytic services, 630.955.7601
  • Gibson Consulting Group, Inc., internal audit services, 512.328.0885