Key Program Contacts

Find information specific to a program or service by calling the phone numbers below.

Call 800.580.8272 to reach all TASB departments and services unless otherwise noted.

Area School Board Associations—Providing information on regional school board groups in Texas • Kathy Dundee, x2462

Board Consultation—Assisting school boards based on their specific needs • Phil Gore, x2450

Board Officer Resources—Offering training and resources for school board leaders •  David Koempel, x2459

Board Training—Providing training for boards and superintendents to ensure district  success • Phil Gore, x2450

BoardBook®—Providing paperless meeting agenda and board packet preparation 888.587.2665 • Tim Curtis, x3607

Business Recognition Program—Assisting districts in recognizing businesses that  provide support • Theresa Gage-Dieringer, x3564

Business Services Sales and Marketing—Representing BuyBoard®, Special Education Services, Facility Services, and First Public® (including the Lone Star Investment Pool) • Jason Turner, x2471

Business/Education Forum—Bringing Texas business and education leaders together as partners for student success • Karen Strong, x3547

BuyBoard®—Helping local governments save money by combining their purchasing  power • 800.695.2919 | Steve Fisher, x7153

Candidate Information—Offering resources for anyone considering running for a school board seat • David Koempel, x2459

CEC Mobile—Making reporting of continuing education credits fast and easy through a Web-based application • Marla Gilliland, x2453 | Jackie Hightower, x2454

Community Engagement Resources—Supporting district efforts to connect with stakeholders through surveys • Marie Jones, x3555

Continuing Education Credit Reporting Service (CECRS)—Allowing superintendents and boards to view and track board training credits • Marla Gilliland, x2453 |  Jackie Hightower, x2454

Delegate Assembly—Bringing delegates together to forge a shared vision for the Association • Lysa Hoelscher, x2976


Energy Services—Providing energy efficiency audits and upgrades and a co-op for purchasing electricity and fuel at fixed rates • Jason Turner, x2471

Executive Search Services—Helping boards navigate the process of finding new superintendents • Butch Felkner, x3561                 
Facility Services—Offering professional services and training to help districts manage their facilities • Jeff Clemmons, x2850

Field Service Representatives—Promoting TASB programs and services to school districts • Mike Rains, x3584

First Public®—Providing investment and insurance options for school districts and other local governments • 800.558.8875
          Marketing and Sales • Steve Orta, x3602
          Operations • Trent Toon, x3695

Goal-Setting and Planning Services—Helping districts assess and update district improvement plans • Phil Gore, x2450 | David Koempel, x2459

Governmental Relations—Monitoring legislative activity and representing school boards when legislation affects them • 800.580.4885 | Dax Gonzalez, x1088

Grassroots Process—Developing TASB’s Advocacy Agenda and electing representatives for TASB’s Advisory Council • 800.580.4885 | Dax Gonzalez, x1088

HR Services—Supporting human resource leadership in public schools • 800.580.7782
          HR Services and Compensation Services • Amy Campbell, x2401
          DataCentral • Troy Bryant, x2417
          Membership/Online Access • Kathie Randolph, x2410
          Training • April Mabry, x2403

          TASB • Gayla Lantzsch, x3534 | Paula Karney, x3533
          TASB Legal Assistance Fund • Annette Moseley, x2909 | Paula Karney, x3533
          TASB Risk Management Fund • 800.482.7276 | Georgina Tims, x2867

Leadership TASB—Providing opportunities for school trustees to form networks and influence state and national policy and governance • Bill Rutherford, x2460

Legal Services—Providing legal resources to keep district leaders up to date on developments affecting Texas public schools • 800.580.5345
          Legal Questions • x6320
          TASB Legal Assistance Fund and Training • Joy Baskin, x3681
          Texas Council of School Attorneys • Annette Moseley, x2909

Lone Star Investment Pool—Making fund management easy for district leaders • 800.558.8875             Marketing and Sales • Steve Orta, x3602
          Operations • Trent Toon, x3695

Membership Information—Providing customer service to members and any district seeking or renewing membership • Anisa Pope, x2907 | Michael Pennant, x1074

myTASB—Providing a secure portal that allows members to access information from TASB service areas • Anisa Pope, x2907 | Michael Pennant, x1074

Online Learning Center—Providing online professional development for school  trustees • Susan Whisenant, x2873

Parliamentary Procedure—Understanding the rules that govern board meetings • David Koempel, x2459

Planning and Research—Offering research, planning, and program evaluation for TASB and its members • Marie Jones, x3555

Policy Service—Helping school leadership teams develop and maintain district policies • 800.580.7529
          General Inquiries • Gail Jackson, x3640
          Policy On Line® • Travis Damron, x 3650

Printing Services—Offering high-quality printed products at competitive prices • Cathy Catlett, x3661 | Eddie Fitzgerald, x7119

Publication Sales—Selling books, videos, posters, and other items for school districts and school leaders • Christina Velasquez, x1068

Purchasing Cooperative—Helping local governments save money by combining their purchasing power • 800.695.2919 | Steve Fisher, x7153

Risk Management Services—Providing comprehensive risk solutions for Texas school districts • 800.482.7276 | Dubravka Romano, x3510 | 512.467.3510
          Auto, Liability, and Property Claims • Troy Winslow, x2476 | 512.467.2476
          Financial Operations • Brent Balke, x3525 | 512.467.3525
          Legal and Regulatory Affairs • Paul Taylor, x3663 | 512.467.3663
          Member Support Services • Dawn McMurtrey, x2861 | 512.505.2861
          Risk Management Member Solutions • Clem Zabalza, x2833 | 512.505.2833
          Strategic Initiatives and Operations Support • Mary Barrett, x2828 | 512.505.2828
          Systems Support • Rick Honeycutt, x3627 | 512.467.3627
          Underwriting and Marketing • June Kissinger, x3545 | 512.467.3545
          Workers’ Compensation Claims • Hiawatha Franks, x3615 | 512.467.3615

School Board Advocacy Network—Helping school board members become involved in the legislative process • 800.580.4885 | Dax Gonzalez, x1088

School Finance—Offering expert answers on school funding issues • 800.580.4885 | Dominic Giarratani, x1087

Special Education Solutions—Helping schools bill Medicaid-eligible services under the School Health and Related Services program • 888.630.6606 | Mark Wey, x3692

Spring Workshops—Offering training in locations around Texas • Kathy Dundee, x2462

Stand Up for Texas Public Schools—Providing an online source of information for Texans who want to support public schools • | Theresa Gage-Dieringer, x3564

Summer Leadership Institute—Meeting the training needs of school board members through a flagship training conference • Kathy Dundee, x2462

Superintendent Evaluation—Helping school boards measure the work and results achieved by superintendents • Phil Gore, x2450

Superintendent Search Services—Helping boards navigate the process of finding new superintendents • Butch Felkner, x3561

TASB Benefits Cooperative—Providing districts and employees with a variety of insurance benefits • 800.558.8875
          Marketing and Sales • Steve Orta, x3602
          Operations • Trent Toon, x3695 TASB

Board and Management Services—Supporting the work of the TASB Board of Directors • Sheri Hicks, x2800

TASB Energy Cooperative—Helping districts secure fixed electricity and fuel rates  • Jason Turner, x2471

TASB Institute for School Trustee Development (TASB ISD)—Offering basic training sessions for new school trustees • Kay Douglas, x2456

TASB Store—Selling books, videos, posters, and other items for school districts and school leaders • Christina Velasquez, x1068

Team Building—Helping school boards learn to work together to improve their effectiveness • Orin Moore, x2458

Texas Lone Star Magazine—Providing timely information on policy and governance,  legislative developments, and other education news • Roger White, x2419

The Star E-Newsletter—Keeping school board members informed with a monthly newsletter • Denise Schulz, x2948

University Partnership Initiative—Working with Texas public universities with  education administration programs to reach out to aspiring school administrators •  Phil Gore, x2450


Winter Governance and Legal Seminar—Offering focused training for new and  experienced board members • Kathy Dundee, x2462

Affinity Providers
          Forecast5 Analytics, data analytics services • 630.955.7601
          Gibson Consulting Group, Inc., internal audit services • 512.328.0884

TASB Management

Executive Office
          Executive Director • James B. Crow
          Collaboration • Jill McClure

Business Services • Chris Szaniszlo
Cooperative Purchasing • Gerald Brashears
Facility Services • Jeff Clemmons  
First Public® • Bill Mastrodicasa  
Sales and Marketing • Jason Turner
Communications and Public Relations • Karen Strong
Communications and Marketing Services • Joan Randall
Online Communications • Joan Randall
Public Information • Barbara Williams
Convention • Jackie Spencer
Finance and Facilities • Steven McArthur
Finance • Kristi Powell
General Counsel • Sedora Jefferson
Governance Services • Robert DurĂ³n
BoardBook® • Tim Curtis
Executive Search Services • Butch Felkner
Field Services •  Mike Rains
HR Services • Amy Campbell
Leadership Team Services • Phil Gore
Legal Services • Joy Baskin
Policy Service • Carolyn Counce
Governmental Relations • Grover S. Campbell
Information Technology • Kathy Wetzel
Business Technology Support and Development • Pam Marksbary
Organization and Planning Services • Nancy Cotton
Planning and Research • Marie Jones
TASB Board and Management Services • Sheri Hicks
TASB Human Resources • Charlee Lane 
Risk Management Services • Dubravka Romano
          Auto, Liability, and Property Claims Administration • Troy Winslow
          Financial Operations • Brent Balke
          Legal and Regulatory Affairs • Paul Taylor
          Member Support Services • Dawn McMurtrey
          Risk Management Member Solutions • Clem Zabalza  
          Strategic Initiatives and Operations Support • Mary Barrett
          Systems Support • Rick Honeycutt
          Underwriting and Marketing • June Kissinger
          Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration • Hiawatha Franks