TASB Energy Cooperative

TASB Energy Cooperative

As a member of the TASB Energy Cooperative, you can meet bidding requirements for electricity procurement and earn a competitive rate for your load. If you are interested in securing a fixed rate for transportation fuel amidst the ever-changing cost of gasoline, we also provide a Fuel Pool, wherein you receive a fixed rate over the life of your contract. Learn more about membership benefits.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program

TASB can assist with energy-saving programs and increase efficiency. Learn more about our energy services.

Transportation Fuel Pool

Accurately budget your fuel expenditures and decrease the effects of market volatility by joining the TASB Fuel Program.

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Energy Tip
As cold temperatures come with winter, so do personal space heaters. Remember to unplug those space heaters when not in use. When they are being used, they must be plugged in directly to an outlet, not an extension cord.

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