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April 15, 2014: Policy AlertU.S. Department of Education "Dear Colleague" Letter on Student Discipline

April 8, 2014: Two new Policy Alerts, Employee Notification and Annual Review of Key Policies for the 2014–2015 school year

March 31, 2014: Spanish materials added to the 2014–15 Model Student Handbook

March 25, 2014: Update 99 to the Policy Reference Manual

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Texas School Policy

School board policy is the means by which a school district establishes its vision and goals and is vital to the mission of educating children. Trustees and superintendents in Texas have unique roles where school board policy is concerned.


Membership in TASB Policy Service provides services and resources that help trustees and superintendents master their respective roles and reward the trust of parents, students, and employees with excellent local governance.

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