TASB Management Team

By phone: Management staff can be contacted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 512-467-0222, or 800-580-8272.

By fax: 512-467-3554

By mail: P.O. Box 400, Austin, Texas 78767-0400
(Physical) 12007 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas 78759

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Administration Department
James B. (Jim) Crow Executive Director

Associate Executive Directors
Mary Ann Briley Board and Management Services
Grover Campbell Governmental Relations
Catherine Clark Governance Services
Nancy Cotton Planning and Human Resources
Robert Duron District Services
Eric Hungate Information Technology
Sedora Jefferson General Counsel
Steven McArthur Chief Financial Officer
Dubravka Romano TASB Risk Management Fund
Karen Strong Communications and Public Relations
Chris Szaniszlo Business Services

Division Directors
Mike Allison Information Technology
Vera Aynesworth Human Resources
Brent Balke TASB Risk Management Fund Financial Operations
Mary Barrett TASB Risk Management Fund Strategic Initiatives and Operations Support
Joy Baskin Legal Services
Gerald Brashears Business Services
Cindy Clegg HR Services
Jeff Clemmons Electricity Program and OnSite
Carolyn Counce Policy Service
Butch Felkner Executive Search Services
Krista Fergason TASB Risk Management Fund Workers' Compensation Claims Administration
Todd Holt TASB Risk Management Fund Property and Liability Claims Administration
June Kissinger TASB Risk Management Fund Member Support Services
Pam Marksbary Business Technology Support and Development
Bill Nemir Leadership Team Services
Kristi Powell Finance
Mike Rains Field Services
Yvette Scott Communication and Marketing Services
Paul Taylor TASB Risk Management Fund Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Clem Zabalza TASB Risk Management Fund Loss Prevention